Sierra Vista High’s Robyn Reclusado-Garcia Named CSAD Athletics Director of the Year

Reclusado-Garcia, who has led Sierra Vista High School's athletics program for six years, has brought many contributions and significant achievements for athletic success. She spearheaded the introduction of Girls' Flag Football as a CIF sport, Lacrosse, and was instrumental in securing soccer referees throughout challenging periods. 

Under Reclusado-Garcia’s leadership, the Dons’ sports teams achieved numerous league championships and CIF titles. Recently, the Dons conquered their 2023-24 winter sports season claiming League Championships titles across multiple sports: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Boys and Girls Soccer. In addition, the Cheer team finished 3rd place at Nationals, where they earned their highest score of the season.

“We are very thankful for her dedication to our SVHS students, coaches, staff, and the entire school community,” Principal at Sierra Vista High Vince Pratt said.





BPUSD_RRG: Sierra Vista High School Athletic Director Robyn Reclusado-Garcia