Senior Best Voting
Hey Seniors... senior best voting is coming up!! Get ready to tell us who is the BEST senior on campus. There are a large number of categories this year and we want as many of you as possible to join us for our senior best photo shoot. 
Nominations for each category will take place on the week before Thanksgiving during lunch (November 13-17) in the center quad. Find our yearbook people and let them know who you want to nominate for our senior best categories. 
A couple of rules to follow:
- You DO NOT need to nominate someone for every category. 
- You can nominate yourself for two categories, but not more than that. If we find you breaking this rule, you will be eliminated for all categories. 
- All winners are agreeing to participate in the Yearbook senior best photoshoot. This is a full day photoshoot that will require you to be present for the entire school day and have outfit changes. More information will be given to the winners at a later date. If you do not participate in this photoshoot we will invite the runner-up and you will not be included in the yearbook senior best section. 
- Voting will take place when we return from Thanksgiving break and winners will be announced the week after.
- Winners will be the student(s) with the most votes, however, no student can win multiple categories. We will take runner-ups in the case one students wins multiple categories. Winners will get to select the category they want to represent if they are multi-category winners. Multiple categories is greater than 2. 
- Biggest Gym Rat
- Best Glam (Makeup)
- Biggest Impact to SV
- Best Fit
- Best Hair
- Best Bromance
- Biggest Drama Queen/King
- Most Likely to be Late
- Biggest Gossip
- Beauty and the Brains
- Most Likely to be on Broadway
- Best Smile
- Cutest Couple
- Next Influencer
- Best Laugh
- Most Likely to be a Model
- Most Outspoken
- Most Likely to be President
- Most Likely to Start a Podcast
- Biggest Case of Senioritis
- Most Likely to be an Olympian
- Most Likely to be a Billionaire
- Next Gordon Ramsey
- Most Artistic
- Biggest Overachiever
- Biggest Edgar
- Most Likely to Ditch a Date for Video Games
- Most Likely to be President
- Most Likely to be a Superhero
- Best Eyes
- Best Beard
- Most Changed for the Better
- Next Tony Hawk
Senior portraits have been completed. Students who did not take their picture by October 6th with our studio will not be featured in the yearbook. Thank you for your participation with the senior portraits, we can't wait to see all of the wonderful pictures that come our way. 
Where can I buy a yearbook?
Yearbooks can be purchased online at .
Where can I purchase a senior ad?
Senior ads can be purchased online at
How does a senior ad work?
Ads are designed by the yearbook staff for a consistent look that matches the theme of the book. Parents can send us the pictures they would like to have included in the yearbook and the message they would like included. 
There is a limit to what can be included in your ads, however the numbers below are estimates and can change based on the size of your pictures and message.
Full page ads can generally fit 10 standard size pictures with a 200 word message.
Half page ads can generally fit 6 standard size pictures with a 200 word message.
Quarter page ads can generally fit 3 standard size pictures with a 150 word message. 
1/8th page ads can fit 1 picture with a 100 word message.
Ads will be created throughout the school year and once completed by the yearbook staff will be sent to you for approval. Please keep in mind, we are happy to work with you on many elements of the ad, but the overall theme and design will not be something we can change. 
What kind of pictures can I send in?
We will only accept digital photos. You can upload these on the Walsworth website when you purchase an ad or email to Mr. Garcia. If you do not receive a confirmation email of the receipt of your images within 48 hours, please call and check they were received as some emails get blocked. 
If you want to use printed photos, please keep in mind you will need to scan these images to produce a digital file.
What can the images NOT include?
As the yearbook is a high school publication, the images must adhere to the school regulations and societal standards of appropriateness for high school students. We will not accept any pictures with drug, alcohol or tobacco in them, including paraphernalia and/or references. Gang related attire and/or gang signs are also prohibited. Any pictures where the standard of attire is not within good taste for a high school publication will also be denied. These are examples, the yearbook reserves the right to not accept any photo we deem not appropriate for the book. 
What is the cost of the yearbook?
This year's book is priced at $130 per book, however, this price does not take effect until March 15th, 2024. Up until that date the book is available for a lower price, so the earlier you purchase, the cheaper the book will be. 
Our cheapest price is during registration, so make sure you purchase one then!
The price of the yearbook is non-negotiable. Please keep in mind, the yearbook class is funded by the sales it makes on a yearly basis. The price of the yearbook includes not only the cost of what we pay our publisher, but also the cost of adding additional pages to the book and the equipment needed to supply the class with the latest cameras, computers, lighting, props and much more. All of the money made by yearbook goes to support the yearbook class and the students.
What happens if I find an error in the yearbook or my child's name was spelled incorrectly? 
The yearbook class makes every attempt to ensure accuracy throughout the book. However, please keep in mind, we are NOT a professional publication. Mistakes WILL happen and we cannot guarantee otherwise. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any errors.
When are yearbooks delivered?
Yearbooks are distributed in May. The exact date will be announced later in the year as we near distribution. 
Can I buy a book at distribution?
Only a limited number of books are available. Once they sell out we cannot order more. If you want to guarantee yourself a book you should buy it as soon as you can. This will also mean you get a lower price as well. 
Is every student guaranteed to be in the yearbook?
We make every attempt to include as many students as possible in the yearbook, however, it is not a guarantee we include everyone. Please keep in mind, taking your class and senior portrait is the best way to get into the book. If you do not take a portrait, there is NO GUARANTEE you will appear anywhere in the book. 
If you want to make it into the book please ensure you take your portrait, listen to school announcements for yearbook events and photo ops, watch out for yearbook crew at school activities and during brunch and lunch, and follow our Instagram to see what we are working on! You can join our Instagram at svdons.yearbook
Can I submit pictures for the yearbook?
Absolutely! Check out our instagram and watch for our ads that ask for pictures. Send them to us that way and we will review them for the yearbook.
Don't have instagram? You can use yearbook SNAP! to send us pictures as well.
Please understand, pictures sent to us are NOT guaranteed to be included in the yearbook. All pictures must also be school appropriate.
Can I take my senior portrait with another studio and send them to you?
No. All portraits included in the yearbook must be done by our chosen studio, so make sure you make your appointment as soon as they become available. 
I missed senior portraits or transferred to the school later in the year. Can I still appear in the portrait section of the yearbook?
Unfortunately we cannot take portraits after the make-up date. Please understand, as a publication, we are subject to the timelines set by our publisher and cannot extend these deadlines.
The yearbook has become more expensive over the years. Why?
The costs of producing the books has increased over the years. As our publisher increases prices, we must also increase our sale price.
Please keep in mind, the yearbook class is funded by our sales, we do not receive money from the school to purchase our equipment (which has also risen in price over the years). So our prices have to allow us to make money in order to continue to maintain professional equipment and purchase new equipment including computers that can handle adobe suite software.
Over the years we have also tried to include more unique photo opportunities that have costs associated with them.
And finally, our book has expanded greatly in its page count. Prior to the 2022 yearbook, our yearbooks only included 208 pages and were very limited in the content we could produce and the number of students, clubs and athletic teams we could showcase. When I took over yearbook I decided I wanted to include as many clubs, activities, school events, and most importantly, students, as possible. The extra pages add to the cost of the book and is the primary reason the cost has risen. We hope you enjoy the extra content we are bringing to you. 
I have additional questions about the yearbook, who can I contact?
You can contact Mr. Garcia at [email protected] (preferred method) or you can call during my prep period (2:45 - 3:30). I may not by in the classroom so email is the preferred method to ensure I receive your message.