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Students as a reminder, this year we have allowed you to use your Cell Phones before school, during Brunch and Lunch and after school.

  • You should NOT be using your Cell Phone during class time.
  • This means that if you ask to go to the restroom, reporting to an office or asked to check a teacher’s mailbox you DO NOT start using your cell phone. Your Cell Phone can be confiscated if you use it when you are not supposed to.
  • You may not use your cell phones during passing periods.
  • Devices (cell phones, air pods, earbuds, headsets, etc.) confiscated are parent/legal guardian pick up only - NO EXCEPTIONS.


In addition, students need to understand that RECORDING a video/audio or photo of any school official/adult/student without their consent, can result in legal and/or school disciplinary consequences.


Cell phones/electronic devices may serve as an outstanding instructional tool and learning resource if used appropriately. We encourage our staff members and our students to use electronics and other 21st century devices to supplement instruction and learning.  However, it has been proven that students who are on cell phones or other electronic devices when it is not part of the instructional lesson are not fully engaged in learning. In order to preserve the teaching and learning environment, this document is to clarify the cell phone/electronic devices policy for Sierra Vista High School. The policy is:


Student use of cell phones, PDA’s or other electronic devices during the school day is a privilege. Adherence to the guidelines below is essential to maintaining an appropriate academic environment and the integrity of the classroom. Abuse of this privilege will result in consequences beginning with confiscation of device, parent conference, suspension or loss of other privileges such as participation in school trips, internships, proms and potentially graduation exercises.


Cell phones and all functions within the cell phone (i.e. cameras, audio recording feature, and all other applications) are prohibited in the following areas unless expressly permitted by a staff member for educational purposes: Classrooms, Science Labs, Restrooms, all Physical Education Areas, all School Office Areas, as well as meetings and assemblies.


  1. The Legislature finds that the use by any person, including a pupil, of any electronic listening or recording

device in any school setting without the prior consent of school personnel and the principal of the school given to promote an educational purpose disrupts and impairs the teaching process and discipline in schools, and such use is prohibited.

Any person, who willfully violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any pupil violating this section shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


Students must comply with staff directives, including but not limited to, ending phone conversations for student-staff interaction and using appropriate voice volume and device volume. When in use, cell phones must be on silent mode so that no audible ring tone is heard.


Students using cell phones/PDA’s or other functions on electronic devices in any manner that disrupts the educational environment, from within or from outside the classroom, or violates the rights of others, including, but not limited to, using the device in violation of our academic honesty policy, violating school conduct rules, harassing or bullying staff or students, photographing or video recording or using their device for unlawful purposes will be subject to more severe disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or expulsion and may, if applicable be reported to the Baldwin Park City Police Department.


Cell Phone RuleThe respectful, non-disruptive use of cell phones is permitted in the school cafeteria during lunch period and any other school area except those listed above. As soon as the threshold of the classroom or any prohibited area is crossed, during the school day, cell phones need to be put away and made undetectable (i.e., silenced without vibration). Violation of the cell phone rule as stated above will result in the confiscation of the device according to the following ladder of disciplinary action:


  • First Offense in the Classroom - Administration will enforce the teacher's technology management plan.
  • First Offense Outside the Classroom ~ the device will be held in the Administration office until the end of the school day.  Students may pick up their phone following a behavioral contract review of this policy at the end of the school day in the Guidance Office.
  • Second Offense ~ the device will remain in the main office until Friday.  The Administrator will issue a receipt for the phone and establish contact with a parent or guardian.
  • Third Offense ~ An Administrator will establish parent contact and the confiscated device will remain in the main office until it is picked up by a parent or guardian.


*It should be noted that refusal to surrender a cell phone or other electronic device when directed to do so by a school staff member, teacher or administrator is defiance and subject to disciplinary action.  Insubordinate behavior is punishable by suspension, exclusion from school events, inclusive of graduation and or involuntary transfer proceedings.


Policy Bullet Points

  • Cell phones are prohibited from use in classrooms and any other area in which academic work is being done unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  
  • Cell phones and other devices are not permitted to be charged in the school.
  • Headphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices are not permitted to be worn in class or during breaks and must be put away securely by the student in any academic area. Wearing your head/ear buds is a safety concern, which can prevent you form hearing important information that is communicated via the loud speaker or adults near you.
  • Cell phones are not to be used in restrooms or PE locker rooms, or school offices.
  • Once inside the school, students must store their cell phones/electronic device in a location that is not visible to the teacher or other students, even though they are on SILENT. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your things secure.
  • If a cell phone/ electronic device rings, vibrates, or is used for any reason without teacher permission in the classroom, or is visible anytime during class time or if you are caught using it on campus during class time, a staff member may confiscate the device.


  1. Under no circumstance is photographing or video recording allowed anywhere on the school premise.
  2. Texting and cell phone use is not permitted in halls during passing period.
  3. All cell phone use must be respectful and non-disruptive to students and staff.
  4. Phones must remain on silent at all times throughout the school day. Parents / Guardians, in the event of an immediate emergency – please contact the school attendance office at (626) 960-7741 extension 87034 or extension 87093.  Do not contact your child as you may disrupt class instruction. 
  5. The staff of SIERRA VISTA High School requests your FULL co-operation with our policy.
It should be noted that, the school nor any of its employees are responsible for the loss or damage to any student’s phone or electronic device whether that device is in the student’s possession or confiscated by the staff. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to this policy and to secure his or her belongings at all times. Classes and or instruction will not be stopped to deal with or search