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Senior Info

Class of 2025!

Greetings seniors and parents/guardians of the class of 2025! It’s time to schedule your senior pictures with Prestige Photography – our official senior photographer. Sessions will take place August 19-24 in the gym.

Seniors must have their photo taken by Prestige to be included in our school’s yearbook. We encourage you to schedule early by visiting

Thank you, and congratulations!

Class of 2024 
Use the panoramic picture file below for printing (high resolution image sized for an 18"x16"
Use the files below to print a copy of the 24 on the field or download the drone video. 






Panoramic Picture




Use the panoramic picture file below for printing. (high resolution image sized for a 18" x 6"

SENIOR HOME LUNCH Pass Info/Criteria:

If you meet the criteria, your parent/guardian will need to accompany you to sign the necessary paperwork. 



  • 160 total credits at the end of 11th grade
  • Appropriate DISCIPLINE record during 11th grade
  • Appropriate ATTENDANCE: Students with 10 or more Unexcused/Truant Absences/Tardies for the school year during 11th grade do not qualify

*Seniors who DO NOT meet the criteria at the beginning of the school year, can reapply for the Home Lunch Pass at the end of the first grading period by demonstrating improvement in the areas which disqualified them for the Lunch Pass.