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Attendance Expectations

Student attendance is important for your academic success leading to graduating as a DON!  As a Don, when you come to school you are more likely to succeed academically because you are attending school consistently. It is difficult for the student who is late/absent  to build their skills and progress if they are frequently late/absent. We want you attending each of your classes on time everyday in order to be a successful Don at SVHS and in life!


All students need to be aware, you MAY lose SCHOOL PRIVILEGES and can jeopardize participation in the numerous school sponsored activities if you have attendance issues (on campus instruction and/or distance learning instruction).

  • FIVE or more UNEXCUSED/UNVERIFIED ABSENCES during the school year may be grounds for loss of school activities. 
  • REMINDER:TARDIESto any class periods equals ONE Unexcused Absence 
  • Students with 10 or more absences in one year, jeopardize failing the class by not meeting the minimum seat hours required by state law.
  • Students with 10 or more absences will have a Student Attendance Review Team meeting scheduled to address issues affecting attendance.
  • Tardiness will only be excused when notes or phones calls are received the same day of the tardy.


Examples of School privileges that can be taken away:

  • All Dances (including prom)
  • Rallies
  • Extra-Curricular Activities including Sports
  • After school/weekend events
  • 12th grade students will be excluded from Senior Activities
Be advised, students must attend all their classes, every day and on time!  


Students must be on time to each class every day.  Make sure to have your class materials with you for each class before entering the classroom/start of class.
  1. Attendance will be taken every period by each teacher.
  2. Tardiness will only be excused when email ([email protected] or [email protected]), phone call, or note from the parent/legal guardian is received within 3 days of the tardy arrival.  
  3. Absence will only be excused when email ([email protected] or [email protected]) is received within 3 days of absence.
  4. If you arrive late to school, go immediately to the Attendance Office, to pick up tardy admit slip and present to teacher.  
  5. Multiple tardy arrivals per week will result in detention.  Please refer to the Tardy and Truancy Policy in the SVHS Student/Parent Handbook - click on link to the right.
  6. Any student who is thirty minutes late without a valid excuse is Truant and will be assigned Friday or Saturday Detention and may be issued a citation by City Police.
  7. Parents must possess and present a current government issued identification and physically be present at the Attendance or Health Office whenever checking a student out of school.


Ernestina Galindo

Attendance Clerk

[email protected]

(626) 960-7741 extension 87034


Nicole Rodriguez

Attendance Clerk

[email protected]

(626) 960-7741 extension 87093