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SVHS Health Services

Health Clerk: Norma Romo - extension 87094 / [email protected]

Health Nurse: Michael Mesa - extension 85515 / [email protected]


As part of our continued support for student success at SVHS we would like for parents to be informed of procedures for picking up students during the school day due to an illness/injury.     


Students who become ill or have an injury/accident at school must report immediately to the Health Office located next to the Cafeteria.  If the School Nurse is not present, the Health Clerk will assess the the medical needs of the students and are taken care of until the Nurse can address the health issue.  Health Office hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  During instructional class period, students visiting the Health Office must obtain a pass from the class period teacher.  Students do not call or text parent/guardian prior to seeing the Nurse or Health Clerk.  If warranted, the School Nurse or Health Clerk will contact the parent/guardian for pick up from school due to illness.  Only those individuals listed as emergency contact are allowed to pick up the student if parent/guardian is not available.


If you child has symptoms related to Covid-19 before arriving to school - make sure to keep your child home and report the absence to school Attendance Office.  Seek medical guidance from the pediatrician if the absences are excessive (2 or more days).  


Information for Positive Cases - Isolation Guidelines

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Information for Close Contacts - Close Contact Guidelines

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Other important information from the Health Office:


INJURY:  If the student has a medical restriction due to an injury, a copy of the doctor’s note needs to be provided to the Health Office for a care plan to be implemented.  In addition, if the student requires any type of medical assistance with equipment, the student will need to report to the Health Office to have the device/equipment cleared


MEDICATION:  All student medication (prescription, non-prescription, over the counter) brought on campus needs to be documented and stored/administered by the Health Office.  The H14a medical form needs to be completed by both your student’s physician and parent/guardian before we can administer any kind of medication during school hours.  The medication form is available both online below or at and in person from the Health Office. 


EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Current and up-to-date contact information must be provided as it is essential in order for the Health Office and other school officials to contact parent and/or legal guardian in a timely manner in the case of an emergency. Please contact SVHS Registrar, Alicia Madrigal, at extension 87064 or SVHS Health Clerk, Norma Romo, at extension 87094 if any emergency contact information needs to be updated in the student information system.