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classroom management plan

Mr. Hehir’s classroom management


In order for the learning of all students to take place this class will follow a progressive classroom management plan.  Infractions will be logged and Other Means of Correction (OMC)/consequences will be given to all students.


Class Rules:

  • Students must respect the teacher, fellow classmates and property that is not yours.
  • Students must bring a notebook, class textbook, and pen/pencil to class each day.
  • No use cell phones, Headphones, air pods, and other electronic devices unless permission has been granted by the teacher and it is being used for approved classwork.
  • No food, candy or drink allowed in class.
  • No profanity or put downs of other students
  • Other rules as needed and will be given by the teacher.




1st – Warning and seat moved

2nd - 30 minute detention after school and discussion with the teacher

3rd - 1 hour detention and discussion with the teacher about behavior

4th - 1 hour detention and parent meeting

5th – Referral to the discipline office: Serious offenses may require that steps be skipped (as discussed in the student hand book).