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Sierra Vista High School

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Visual & Performing Arts Teachers

A – G Requirements (UC’s, Cal States, Private)


 F – VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS (1 year required)


All courses approved for the visual and performing arts (VPA, F) subject requirement will provide students with a meaningful experience with both depth and breadth of knowledge in the arts, so that students may apply their newly gained understanding to the appreciation and creation of art in its diverse forms. Courses must be directed at acquiring concepts, comprehensions, and skills in the arts disciplines, rather than using artistic activities to fulfill non-artistic course objectives. Fundamentally, they will address the major components of the California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (Arts Standards).



Mrs. Brookey
Ext. 87013
Ms. Brooks
 Ext. 87014
Mr. Chan
 Ext. 87148
 Ext. 84280
Ms. Daniels
Ext. 87021
Ms. Gomez
 Ext. 87040
Ms. Guerrero
 Ext. 87046
Ms. Nelson
Ext. 87075