World Languages Teachers

A – G Requirements (UC’s, Cal States, Private)



2 years required (3 years recommended)


All courses approved for the language other than English (LOTE, E) subject requirement will expand the student’s view of the world, exposing her or him to diverse modes of thought. A World Language, or LOTE, classroom should integrate 21st century skills for students to develop language and communicative proficiency that moves beyond a focus on listening, viewing, speaking, signing, reading, and writing as mutually exclusive skills, as similarly outlined in the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools [PDF].

True language proficiency is best measured in accordance with the guidelines established by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language. Courses following such guidelines will be taking a substantial step toward meeting the goals of the LOTE E  subject requirement.



Mr. Rivadeneira
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Mrs. Serrano
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Mr. Wuence
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Ms. Kelso
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WL Department Chair

Esther Serrano

Ext: 87335

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"The World Languages Department at Sierra Vista High School is committed to promoting linguistic and cultural literacy while cultivating a life-long appreciation and enthusiasm for languages and the cultures they reflect. We believe students can grow by learning a new language and that a global mindset is a necessity and an asset in society today. The study of world languages is an interdisciplinary pursuit and it intrinsically helps students view issues from a global perspective; students gain an increased knowledge of their relationship to the world by developing an appreciation for other viewpoints and a deeper understanding of their own culture and the world at large.”